The Telltale Series Will Feature Telltale's First Multiplayer Mode

by Linda Olson July 27, 2016, 0:13

End-of-episode recaps will now include Crowd Play statistics, too. When turn on, other people can participate in your game and vote for the decision that they prefer. Before beginning an episode, players can select Crowd Play, which will generate a URL in the same vein as Jackbox allowing for those in the room to cast their votes on a tablet or smartphone before decisions are made.

Batman: The Telltale Series' newest feature was announced at Comic-Con, where head of communications Job Stauffer told attendees including ShackNews that the Crowd Play would be coming to all future Telltale releases. Crowd players can also give a thumbs up or a thumbs down in response to actions the player takes, letting the player know how numerous audience they are appeasing or upsetting. No two stories are alike and all that jazz, but it looks like the developer is switching tactics for their Batman game with a new feature called "Crowd Play", that'll help friends and random strangers make a few hard decisions for you.

What's really interesting about this concept is that there are two versions of it. The first is a simple recommendation system that allows the main player to consider the votes of the people who have URL access.

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All the other Telltale games we have seen so far have been single player games.

Would you use Crowd Play with these choice-centric games? The player can then either choose a mode that makes viewer's decisions binding or one in which the player can override the crowd's wishes.

This seems like an ideal setup for streamers (or even Twitch Plays-style events), but Stauffer noted that latency will be an issue, at least initially. It's also a good way for parents to play with their children, which makes Batman an excellent first choice.

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