Race and racism in the 2016 campaign

by Fredrick Graves September 3, 2016, 3:06

Trump will not be speaking to the congregation of Jackson's church, Great Faith Ministries International, which the Times reported has angered some black Republicans who feel Trump should make a greater effort to reach black voters.

Donald Trump is planning another trip outside his comfort zone with a visit to an African-American church in Detroit on Saturday, and he wasn't planning on taking any risks, according to a leaked script seen by the New York Times.

The Democratic Party has betrayed the African-American community and its crime, education, and economic policies have produced only more crime, more broken homes, and more poverty.

Jones said in an interview his willing to support Trump, but wants him to be specific about what he can do.

But when Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater opposed the landmark civil rights bill during the 1964 campaign, black voters broke away from the GOP.

They could go down in history as being ideal political examples of the "will you respect me in the morning" syndrome and be irrelevant in presidential politics for the next 20 years. "So I didn't see anything wrong with it".

"The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding", the document offers as Trump's answer. They were direct questions. But a New York Times article published Friday quotes Trump Senior Communications Adviser Jason Miller as saying that plans had changed, and Trump planned to address the crowd for 5 to 10 minutes. And we need a president that is going to help create jobs for the inner cities and I just don't think that is Donald Trump.

Now, what I want to come out of this is a clear understanding what his policies will be. "I will never let you down", Trump is directed to say, adding, "By the way, my support is now up to 8 percent and climbing".

Lawsuit: Warriors Use Team App to Listen to and Record Fans' Conversations
No mater if a consumer is actively using the app or if it is merely running in the background: "the app is listening". Such location-based information is gathered to send adds to users and for other marketing purposes.

Video of the interview will be edited "so that the final version [reflects] the campaign's wishes", The Times said.

"That is not true". That - then it would be tainted.

The pastor also suggested Trump would have an informal meeting with members of the congregation. But... he's going to do an interview with the pastor that leans his way, as opposed to doing an interview with an actual African-American outlet.

Much to Trump's chagrin, the voters even preferred things such as bedbugs, junk mail, carnies, bubonic plague and middle airplane seats to the real estate mogul.

It is not uncommon for a candidate to request interview questions in advance; aides to Hillary Clinton do it from time to time.

Omarosa Manigault, left, who was a contestant on the first season of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" and is now an ordained minister, appears alongside the GOP nominee during a November 30 press conference following Trump's meeting with black religious leaders in NY.

Trump can still win the presidency without blacks, but he can't win without a healthy chunk of non-white voters, including Hispanics and Asians, whose numbers have dramatically increased the past couple of decades.

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