First baby born with DNA from 3 people

by Fredrick Graves September 29, 2016, 0:31

The world's first baby using a controversial new technique employed by United States scientists to include DNA from three parents in the embryo has been born.

Doctors have recently revealed a baby born using the controversial three-parent technique. "Hopefully, this will tame zealous critics, accelerate the field, and we will witness soon the birth of the first mitochondrial donation baby in the UK", Dusko Ilic, a stem cell scientist at King's College London, was quoted as saying by the Guardian.

It has been announced that a medical team from the USA has delivered a baby boy-who is now healthy and five months old-with three sets of genes. Her mitochondrial DNA contains mutations that cause Leigh syndrome, a neurological disorder that is usually fatal during early childhood.

Genes for the disease reside in DNA in the mitochondria, which provide energy for the cells and carry 37 genes that are passed down via the mother's side. The family had already experienced the heartache of four miscarriages as well as the death of two children - one at eight months and the other at six years of age.

A baby boy has been born using a "three parent" technique that combines DNA from three individuals, researchers report.

The boy ended up being born through a technique called spindle nuclear transfer. It's then fertilized with the father's sperm, thus providing DNA from three separate parents: the mother, egg donor and father. He obtained a nucleus from the woman's egg and placed it in a healthy donor's egg whose nucleus was removed too. The egg was then fertilized with the father's sperm.

Basically this treatment gives parents with rare genetic mutations the ability to have healthy babies.

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The technique that led to the healthy birth was to move the DNA from an egg of the mother, who had mutated mitochondria, and place it in the egg of a healthy egg donor - after first removing the healthy donor's nuclear DNA from her egg cell. Out of five embryos created, only one made it successfully through. This embryo was implanted in the mother and the child was born nine months later on April 6, this year.

Zhang will present his findings on the procedure in October at a meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, according to the BBC.

The couple had been trying for a child for almost 20 years.

"When it comes to saving lives, what we did was ethical", explained Zhang. To overcome this problem, scientists extract two eggs - one from the mother and one from a donor.

But US scientists have spoken of how they travelled to Mexico to escape regulation, resulting in the birth of five-month-old Abrahim Hassan.

Prof Alison Murdoch said that the three-person technique should be achieved with caution. In 2002, the Food and Drug Administration asked the clinics to cease using the technique, the BBC reported.

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