Michelle Obama for president?

by Ben Pena October 30, 2016, 2:30
Michelle Obama for president?

Someone who we can trust with the nuclear codes.

Yet if Obama didn't do as much as some Democrats wanted, it may be because he was never explicitly asked. "It's up to you", Obama said. She then said: "If people wonder: Yes, Hillary Clinton is my friend".

Trump, without evidence, has blamed his sagging poll numbers on a rigged election, and said the media had fixed the opinion polls in order to inflate Clinton's numbers.

Seeking to pass off the White House to another Democrat, President Barack Obama will speak at a get-out-the-vote event at Capital University in Bexley on Tuesday. Earlier in the day the FBI Director James Comey announced new information regarding Clinton's use of government emails on a private server, although the exact nature of the new information or how it involves the Democratic Presidential nominee is still unclear. "I think Hillary has the experience and the temperament to make it happen and potentially be a great president".

In a 2005 taping for a United States entertainment magazine programme, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is overheard bragging about forcing himself on women without their consent.

"Do not let yourself get exhausted or frustrated or discouraged by the negativity of this election, as you're out there working your hearts out for my girl", she said of Clinton.

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"Voting is our high, that's how we go high - we vote", Obama said, referencing her most popular campaign trail line, a call to "go high" when "they go low". "We let the respective committees, and individual candidates to a lesser extent, know that we were open to engaging in campaign activities for them at the right time and in whatever ways they thought were most effective and important". "If Hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us", the current first lady said, emphasizing that voter turnout is vital.

Clinton promised to take good care of Obama's White House vegetable garden if she won and wistfully praised the athletic first lady's dancing skills.

"Mr. Band called the arrangement 'unorthodox", Trump said.

With a lead in the race for weeks, Clinton's campaign is concerned that her advantage could prompt some of her backers to stay home on Election Day or cast protest votes for a third-party candidate. He added that Hillary Clinton would be working until the end and that's she's always been a candidate that fights until the end. Almost all of her recent events have been in states where early voting is already underway, aimed at using the rallies to prompt supporters to bank their votes now.

"I need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement", Trump said at the start of a rally in Manchester, New Hampshire, before describing Comey's letter.

The New York Times, citing law enforcement officials, reported that the new emails were discovered after the agency seized electronic devices belonging to top Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner.

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