'Destiny 2' Is Officially On The Way

by Fredrick Graves March 29, 2017, 2:16
'Destiny 2' Is Officially On The Way

The announcement of the trailer comes on the same day Bungie released the AGE OF TRIUMPH update, enhancing DESTINY one last time before the sequel drops. Artist Aziz Dosmetov posted a set of Destiny-related images on Behance and he'd previously worked on Destiny: The Taken King. The leaked promo poster was seen revealing the game's key art and release date. Though we won't be surprised to see more information from Destiny 2's publisher Activision shortly.

When Destiny was first released, the game got a good bit of criticism due to a lack of content, a poorly explained story, and other similar complaints. At the time, we were told the game would be officially announced that day. While Activision had already confirmed a sequel to Destiny, it was still unconfirmed as to whether it would be a direct sequel.

The poster also mentions details regarding the pre-launch beta for "Destiny 2". Looking over to the factual side while we wait for more info, Bungie seeded a splash image of Destiny 2 for folks to look over on its Twitter page. As remembered, the first Destiny game was never released to PC despite the enormous demand for the said platform.

The trailer seemingly confirms an attack on the Last City and its destruction.

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Apart from the release date, and the invasion of Earth's last city, we still very know very little about the follow-up to Destiny. However, it is expected that both Activision and Bungie are planning to expand the demand of the franchise.

One of those fronts was that the game would appease fans of the original, and that a lot of what made the first game great and so popular will be carried over into the sequel. Xbox One owners should expect the same unfair business practices which require them to pay the same for less content until at least Fall 2018.

All power, possessions, currency, and Eververse items will not be able to be brought forward from Destiny to Destiny 2. We are going to recognise the dedication and passion you've shown for this world.

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