NVIDIA Releases TITAN Xp with Fully-Unlocked GP102

by Linda Olson April 9, 2017, 2:52
NVIDIA Releases TITAN Xp with Fully-Unlocked GP102

Based on Pascal micro-architecture (plays successor to Maxwell), the Nvidia Titan Xp boasts of no less than 3840 CUDA cores speeding along at 1.6GHz. The newly released Titan Xp will replace the Titan X, the fastest GPU of its time. It's an updated version of 2016's Titan X. It's powered by 3,840 CUDA cores and 12GB GDDR5X RAM. Oddly, the card includes the same 'Titan X' markings as its predecessor, with no 'p' suffix in sight - something that will doubtless do little to fix the naming confusion Nvidia has created. It would behoove Apple to put the best available graphics card in the future Mac Pro, and right now, that could be the Titan Xp. Nvidia is on the list - but there are nine others you may be overlooking.

Basically, this is the same GPU we saw previous year but the new TITAN Xp has a fully enabled GP102 chip with 3840 CUDA Cores and the new faster GDDR5X memory running at 11.4GHz, thus giving it a memory bandwidth of 547.7GBps. Rumors note that even the old Mac Pro models could be buffed with the latest NVIDIA Pascal-based drivers, giving users another reason to go for these computers.

NVIDIA has just announced its more extreme and powerful graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce TITAN Xp.

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With its current lineup of high-end graphics card, it is safe to say that Nvidia has a complete monopoly of the premium market. As such, the new graphics card uses the GP102 GPU, but with all of its resources fully enabled. This means that the Titan Xp has a 547.2GB/s memory bandwidth on the same 384-bit memory interface. It also seems that Nvidia has dropped the "GTX" prefix for the Titan Xp, which might be an indicator that this new card isn't aimed at gamers-or it might just be a marketing goof.

Nvidia could also be hinting that it expects to take AMD's slice of the Apple market when Apple refreshes the Mac Pro.

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