Google confirms native ad-blocker for Chrome will arrive next year

by Ben Pena June 9, 2017, 4:20
Google confirms native ad-blocker for Chrome will arrive next year

That will block adverts which do not meet Google's standards.

Ads are critical to any site.

Meanwhile, CNBC reports that Google will also present an option for users to pay to remove ads from a webpage.

Google Chrome will block only the ads that have been identified as annoying by the recent survey - particularly the ads that interrupt, distract and clutter.

What is an unacceptable ad you may wonder?

Google has been working on the ad-blocking feature as of April. But while it might seem anti-competitive and a little shady for the biggest ad supplier in the world to be adding an ad blocker to its own browser, this could have good implications all around. The technology released by Google is not the exact ad blocker, in fact, it is a kind of filter which removes the ads that consumers hate the most like popups, flash ads or the autoplay ads which can not be stopped within certain time limit. In the case, you're wondering how Google will define an annoying ad, the company says the ads have to adhere to guidelines outlined by the Coalition for Better Ads. The group was formed in 2016 with Google, Facebook, Unilever, and several other media and advertisement groups with the intent of finding a balance between the user experience and acceptable advertising.

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Now in beta, Funding Choices offers ad blockers a pass that removes all ads on that or other sites, sold through the new Google Contributor platform.

The new Ad Experience Report helps publishers understand how the Better Ads Standards apply to their own websites.

At present, the AdBlock Chrome plug-in is one of the most popular downloads for the browser by far, but it has a cavalier approach to blocking advertising, which doesn't help content creators and websites (such as Pocket-lint). If they're not using an ad blocker at all, they'll be able to view the site as usual, complete with ads.

Google also announced what it calls Funding Choices, a programme available to publishers in North America, the UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand to generate revenue from adblocking users. But rather than block all ads - killing revenue streams for many websites - Google wants to block only those that do not comply with Better Ads Standards.

Pop-ups, takeover ads and ads with auto-playing audio are all considered bad ads, according to the Coalition for Better Ads, of which Google is a part.

Google makes most of its money from online ads, but it and other publishers are threatened by the growing use of ad blockers that stop browsers from showing ads.

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