Trump announces policy change on Cuba

by Leon Thompson June 17, 2017, 4:25

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Mr Trump's revised approach, which will be contained in a new presidential directive, calls for stricter enforcement of a longtime ban on Americans going to Cuba as tourists, and seeks to prevent U.S. dollars from being used to fund what the Trump administration sees as a repressive military-dominated government.

The new policy, expected to be announced during Trump's speech in Miami, "does not target the people, but it does target the oppressive members of the Cuban military government", said a senior White House official. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the policy before the formal announcement, despite the president's regular criticism of the use of anonymous sources. Scott did not directly respond to questions about whether he thought the Obama policy had helped Florida businesses, or improved situations in which Cuba was cooperating on such matters as human trafficking.

The country's conversation on Cuba is now in pendulum mode: swinging from former President Obama's desire to normalize relations with the island to President Trump's desire to put business and travel restrictions back in place.

Under the expected changes, the US will ban American financial transactions with the dozens of enterprises run by the military-linked corporation GAESA, which operates dozens of hotels, tour buses, restaurants and other facilities.

Global human rights groups say, however, that reinstating a United States policy of isolating the island could worsen the situation by empowering Cuban hard-liners. The rules also require a daylong schedule of activities created to expose travelers to ordinary Cubans. And they may be told they can't stay in state-run Cuban hotels - at least those run by the military, which controls most of Cuba's tourism industry.

"This is bad policy, bad politics and bad for US business", Williams said. The Treasury Department would have to issue new regulations, a process that could take months. Trump has ordered his administration to draft the new regulations within the next 30 days, but there was no timeline set for their implementation.

"Everybody likes to go to Cuba".

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A sizeable portion of American Cubans disagreed with Obama's reconciliation with Havana, prompting them to opt for Trump, who called it a "bad deal".

"To expect different results from a policy that's not had any impact in terms of serious, significant improvements in...human rights or democracy in Cuba is highly unrealistic", Vivanco said. The "wet foot, dry foot" policy, which once let most Cuban migrants stay if they made it to USA soil but was terminated under Obama, will remain terminated. United States airlines and cruise ships restored service to the communist-run island.

"Effective immediately, I am cancelling the last administration's completely one-sided deal with Cuba", Mr Trump declared as he made a full-throated verbal assault on the government of Cuban President Raul Castro. Only the U.S. Congress can lift it, and lawmakers, especially those of Cuban heritage, like Sen.

And while his policy has the stated aim of helping the country's nascent private sector, it contains a measure that could damage thousands of small-business people who host, feed and transport independent American travellers to Cuba.

Rubio staunchly opposed Obama's re-engagement with Cuba, and he lauded Trump as he took the stage.

"Our new policy begins with strictly enforcing U.S. law", he said. Marc Rubio are expected to be with Trump.

"They are racist, the promote bigotry, homophobia and things that I do not want my daughter to see as she grows up in this country", said protester Laurie Garcia.

However, Trump stopped short of breaking diplomatic relations restored in 2015 after more than five decades of hostilities.

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