Windows 10 Build 15063.413 is now rolling out to Creators Update PCs

by Fredrick Graves June 29, 2017, 2:13
Windows 10 Build 15063.413 is now rolling out to Creators Update PCs

Despite the fact the operating system has not been supported for some time, the patch was released in an attempt to thwart the WannaCrypt ransomware attacks. Microsoft released a March security patch (MS17-010) to address the targeted Server Message Block 1 flaw in Windows systems, but that release was also somewhat unprecedented in that it also applied to older systems, such as Windows XP.

Microsoft's June Patch Tuesday security updates includes several patches for unsupported versions of Windows.

According to a company statement, the same treatment is being afforded Windows Server 2003, another unsupported but widely used operating system dangerously vulnerable to attack.

Although Microsoft has not said what characteristics of the new vulnerabilities have led it to believe there is the potential for state-sanctioned attackers, the WannaCry reference has led security experts to conclude that the company is referring to leaked NSA hacking tools, released online by an entity calling itself The Shadow Brokers.

In a bid to prevent a similar scenario, Microsoft on Tuesday issued emergency updates for legacy versions of Windows dating back to XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Embedded and Windows 7 Embedded. ZDI noted that while the new Microsoft patch touches different parts of code, the exploit vector remains the same, with remote code execution occurring if a specially crafted shortcut is displayed.

However, while Microsoft is once again patching these older operating systems, you shouldn't get used to this kind of special attention.

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Therefore, the vulnerabilities Microsoft is looking to patch don't just affect old, now unsupported OSes.

Microsoft has said that the security patch is delivered considering the proximity of the end support for Windows XP.

Microsoft doesn't want its exceptional patch support for unsupported Windows systems this month and the last to be construed as some kind of change to its product support policies, though. That said, those still running XP should really start upgrading to a more secure OS version.

In parallel, Adobe has also released its June security updates vide APSB17-17 for Flash Player and APSB17-18 for Shockwave Player. One of those came one day after last month's outbreak of the highly virulent "WCry" ransom worm, which repurposed NSA-developed exploits. Windows XP users were mostly affected by the said malware attack. If you're still on Windows XP you will have to download the updates manually from the Download Center or the Update Catalog.

Those patches are automatically being installed on more recent versions of Windows, provided that users didn't disable automatic updates. "There are many reasons - some even valid - why patches aren't applied".

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