'Star Trek: Discovery' Main Title Sequence Debuts Before Series Premiere!

by Dwayne Torres September 26, 2017, 0:17
'Star Trek: Discovery' Main Title Sequence Debuts Before Series Premiere!

As you may have heard, Star Trek: Discovery is also available to stream on Netflix but not for everybody.

It should be noted that while Discovery may not had reached the pinnacles of its predecessors, the television landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. And considering the two episodes were split on the classic cliff hanger, fans were forced to subscribe to CBS' online-streaming platform in order to see how Burnham and the rest would get out of the danger that they had got themselves into.

CBS has released the full Star Trek: Discovery opening title sequence ahead of its debut tonight at 8:30pm ET on the network and its All Access streaming service. There is genuine excitement and suspense in the epic confrontation in Episode 2 between a fleet of Starfleet ships and a horde of Klingon craft.

Lorca's lair is far from the only interior on "Star Trek: Discovery" that is shadowy.

Here are more details on CBS All Access. Maybe if one of the new shows doesn't work out, it can be replaced with "Discovery". Raised among Vulcans by Ambassador Sarek Vulcan, she's excelled in Starfleet by striking a balance between human intuition and the logic of her adoptive culture.

And yet, that sequence - shot in Jordan - looks fantastic, as does everything else in the show, be it the ships, costumes, sets, props, visual effects or even the new spin on an opening credits sequence. "Just as importantly, for everything questionable about the design, it still feels like 'Trek.'" He also said, "For the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to watching more new 'Star Trek.' It's a good feeling".

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Handsomely produced, fast-paced and thematically empty, Star Trek: Discovery marks the return of the landmark sci-fi franchise to the small screen for the first time since Star Trek: Enterprise ended its run 12 years ago.

Legendary Klingon hero Kahless is also namedropped: Kahless founded the Klingon Empire, appears in the original Star Trek series and is referenced many, many times throughout Trek history (and was actually cloned in The Next Generation).

In the new series Star Trek: Discovery "new worlds and civilizations are explored by new members of the Star Trek universe".

Though the reviews were mostly positive, not everyone was enthralled with Discovery. Instead, it's hoping that the built-in "Star Trek" fanbase will be enough to build a solid audience for CBS All Access.

The first three hours of "Star Trek: Discovery" provide serviceable space opera and reasonably exciting interstellar battles. "But at least Martin-Green gives it a pulse".

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