Macron rebuffs City deal after Brexit unless United Kingdom pays into European Union budget

by Garry Watts January 22, 2018, 1:27
Macron rebuffs City deal after Brexit unless United Kingdom pays into European Union budget

Britain could not have full market access without contributing to the EU budget; accepting the so-called "four freedoms" including the free movement of workers and accepting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, Macron said.

"As soon as you decide not to meet those preconditions it's not full access".

John McDonnell this morning dismissed suggestions that the United Kingdom should pay for access to the Single Market after Brexit. But there is not cherry-picking in the single market.

Speaking to Marr, he warned that the United Kingdom could not "cherry-pick" the elements it wanted.

Mr McDonnell suggested Mr Macron was being "fairly hard-nosed" about the EU's approach to United Kingdom financial services as he predicted a "softening" once Brexit negotiations on a future relationship begin.

I do respect this vote, I do regret this vote, and I would love to welcome you again.

The future relations between London and Brussels may be an option that is average between full access and a trading deal.

Vehicle made out of snow fools police officers
Laprise (above) said that he never meant to trick officers with his vehicle - just snow removal workers. Simon Laprise created a fake Deloreon out of snow that received attention from police officers. .

"I think a lot of our issues in both the Middle East and in Africa is due to a lot of frustrations due to a lot of past humiliations", Macron said. "So, a lot of players will decide to be a part of the European Union and the Eurozone, and they have to choose between different countries - there is a competition between different countries".

He assured Marr that, in the event of a French referendum, he "would have fought very hard to win [for the European Union]".

"He is. Sometimes I manage to convince him, and sometimes I fail", Macron said on the British talk show.

"But, my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them".

Macron leaves the door open for Britain to rejoin the EU. His expression of solidarity came after Marr asked the French president whether he shared the outrage of African nations that were offended by the comment.

Mr Macron responded: "Yes, probably".

'Probably in a similar context, but our context was very different so I don't want to make any bets - but I would definitely fight very hard to win'.

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