Attorney: Florida school shooting suspect wants inheritance donated to victims

by Noah Mcgee April 13, 2018, 1:23
Attorney: Florida school shooting suspect wants inheritance donated to victims

The hearing was held to determine whether Cruz is entitled to a public defender. He may also be the beneficiary of a $25,000 life insurance policy from his mother's death.

The teacher at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School told deputies he was returning to get it when he heard a gunshot, and found a drunk 69-year-old homeless man holding the pistol.

"He does not want that money". These modest amounts would hardly put a dent in his costly legal defense, though an annuity Cruz inherited may well be worth much more and has caught the court's attention.

The Parkland shooting suspect says he wants any money he ever receives to be donated to a fund that would benefit victims and their families, according to his public defenders.

Judge Scherer said she would decide on the matter of Cruz's indigence before April 27, when a hearing is scheduled to set the trial's schedule. The bank account previously had $12,000, but he isn't sure where the remaining money went, he said. Cruz's prison commissary account contains $669, his defense told the court.

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McNeil confirmed that Cruz now has Microsoft stock worth $2,227, as well as a bank account with $353.

A Florida educator, who survived among those most unexpected high school shootings in US history, was detained Sunday after he abandoned a loaded pistol from the stall of the public restroom by which a displaced man discovered it stopped it, " police claimed.

Whether Cruz is actually contrite or this is some bid to mitigate his sentence and avoid the death penalty sought by the prosecution is uncertain. A judge will make a decision on the matter later this month.

"The state of Florida is not allowing Mr. Cruz to choose his own punishment", Assistant State Attorney Shari Tate told the court.

Judge Elizabeth Scherer is attempting to determine if the public defender's office should be dismissed from representing Cruz if he has the means to afford a private attorney.

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