Diamonds found in an unknown meteorite came from a lost planet

by Fredrick Graves April 19, 2018, 1:45
Diamonds found in an unknown meteorite came from a lost planet

This asteroid is said to be a part of the lost planet which is from the lost Solar System.

In 2008, chunks of space rock crashed in the deserts of Sudan.

The Almahata Sitta exploded 23 miles above Sudan on October 7, 2008. It turned out to be a rare type of meteorite called ureilite, which has an unusual composition compared to other stony meteorites - it contains a lot of carbon in the form of nanodiamonds. They suspected that these crystals may have formed the same way diamonds do on Earth - under the unbelievably high temperatures and pressures that exist in the interior of a planet - and only afterward were broken by a shock wave into smaller fragments. And within those inclusions are signatures of a long-lost planet as large as Mars - a 4.5 billion-year-old relic that was destroyed during the earliest days of the solar system.

The paper, published in the journal Nature Communications, reveals that asteroid 2008 TC3 may have come from an ancient planet, formed early on during the birth of the solar system, reports the Washington Post.

If true, the rocks could be the first pristine samples, or ureilites, of a dead planetary embryo ever recovered on Earth. Eventually those bodies collided and flung material out into space. But further evidence of sustained high pressure would be expected to be found in the minerals surrounding the diamonds, he said.

The planet was slightly bigger than Mercury and was destroyed in a comic collision as these valuable diamonds give scientists a glimpse into the formation of planets.

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"Diamonds very often encapsulate and trap minerals and melts present in their formation environment, in the form of inclusions", said the authors of the study, which was led by researchers at the Earth and Planetary Science Laboratory in Switzerland.

The researchers posited this theory after gathering and analyzing the asteroid fragments through transmission electron microscopy. But at first, the origins of the diamonds eluded researchers. Diamond is blue, inclusions are yellow, and graphite is gray-black.

The nano-sized gems were much larger than any meteorite diamond that had been previously found, according to Dr. Gillet.

Our stellar neighborhood has eight main planetary bodies, but according to an worldwide team of scientists, there could have been another planet in our backyard, one that might have been destroyed at infancy during the chaotic formation of the solar system or in the ensuing years.

Such planetary embryos got ejected from the solar system and either became rogue planets or smashed together.

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