How CNN captured video of the Roger Stone raid

by Garry Watts January 26, 2019, 0:26
How CNN captured video of the Roger Stone raid

Stone served briefly as an adviser to the Trump campaign in 2015 before being fired by then-candidate Donald Trump in August that year. He is expected to appear in court later today.

"I will never testify against Trump", the president tweeted last month, quoting Stone. He is charged on seven counts and the arrest is in relation to charges of obstruction of an official proceeding, witness tampering and making five counts of false statements. Thanks to some ill-advised 2016 tweets and interviews, Stone has always been seen as the closest link between the Trump campaign and Julian Assange, whose organization Wikileaks released Democratic National Committee emails that had been stolen by Russian hackers in 2016.

Trump on Friday called the investigation the "Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country!" "NO COLLUSION!", Trump said on Twitter, using his most common slur for the Mueller probe.

In the months following the election, House and Senate intelligence committees opened investigations into whether Russian Federation interfered with the 2016 election.

Stone becomes the latest Trump associate charged criminally for various charges, which have included lying to Congress or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, bank and tax fraud, and failing to register as a foreign agent for lobbying purposes.

"The reason I'm a Nixonite is because of his indestructibility and resilience", he told the New Yorker in an interview, shortly after he had the 37th president's face tattooed between his shoulder blades.

Stone said he would plead not guilty and looked forward to being vindicated. "They can't prove collusion or conspiracy because it doesn't exist, so they're going after him personally. Stone made to Congress", lawyer Jay Sekulow told Reuters in a statement. Lauderdale street just after 6 a.m. Friday morning. He also said Stone did not receive documents from WikiLeaks ahead of their public release. Mueller's nearly certainly been sitting on the information in this indictment for quite some time, and seems quite content to operate at his own pace.

Thirty-five people have pleaded guilty, been indicted or otherwise swept up in the Russian Federation inquiry, which has clouded Trump's two-year-old presidency.

"Did you in any way work with the Russians to help President Trump?".

Stone still possessed many of those communications when he gave false testimony about them, prosecutors said in the indictment.

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The indictment of Roger Stone is a "typical Mueller indictment", according to Alan Dershowitz.

"The President did nothing wrong", she told CNN.

In the indictment, the special counsel alleges that Stone communicated with the Trump campaign and told campaign officials that WikiLeaks "had documents whose release would be damaging to the Clinton Campaign".

He was also "contacted by senior Trump campaign officials to inquire about future releases" by the group, it added.

Mr Stone went on to work on Ronald Reagan's successful presidential runs in 1980 and 1984, and aided George HW Bush's election in 1988.

Corsi declined to comment and Credico did not immediately respond to request for comment. He is a deeply odd and stubborn person who famously has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back.

He noted that Mueller made a point of portraying WikiLeaks as an organisation that has repeatedly been involved in posting stolen documents from U.S. citizens. "Legally it's not clear to me if there is evidence of people having colluded in a criminal sense".

California Congressman Eric Swalwell, meanwhile, derided the Trump team as "a campaign of cheats".

While Trump has tried to downplay his personal relationship with some of those men, the relationship between Stone and Trump stretches back decades.

When asked if President Trump encouraged Stone to make false statements, Sanders said the implication is absolutely ridiculous and insulting and simply not true.

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