Mueller report more than 300 pages, sources say

by Garry Watts March 29, 2019, 1:57
Mueller report more than 300 pages, sources say

In an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, Mr. Trump said his opponents who pushed special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation "wanted to do a subversion" of his election. On Thursday, we learned that Mueller wrote more than 300 pages, which the Times says "suggests that Mr. Mueller went well beyond the kind of bare-bones summary required by the Justice Department regulation governing his appointment and detailed his conclusions at length".

In Comey's first interview since the release of Attorney General Bill Barr's letter on special counsel Robert Mueller's report, Holt laid out the timeline. He presented evidence for and against a possible charge of obstruction, likely to allow Congress to make the determination.

Schiff criticized the attorney general for rushing to judgment.

As Baker argued, this undermines a powerful norm in American politics and the executive branch. The law authorizing the independent counsel was allowed to lapse after that and Mueller, as a special counsel, conducted his work under the Justice Department. Those include the firing of James Comey as Federal Bureau of Investigation director and the constant browbeating of Jeff Sessions, Trump's first attorney general.

But Mueller, it seems, declined to take a firm stand. The speech came after Trump called on Schiff to resign on Thursday morning, and his GOP colleagues echoed Trump's call.

"So to me it was a classic bait-and-switch that took on a life of its own because Russian Federation became this hot-button topic", Goldstone said.

It's a frightening proposition. We don't need [Barr] interpreting for us. He also said, "We will continue to investigate the counterintelligence issues". But this isn't set down in the Consitution, and there's no reason we should buy it.

More (34 percent) feel the report has cleared the president of any illegal activity than explicitly feel it has not (23 percent) - but 36 percent think it's still too soon to say whether it has or hasn't.

Advocates of this almost unfettered view of executive power argue that there's an appropriate remedy to unacceptable behavior by a president: impeachment. Trump is now claiming the GOP will be "the party of health care".

Pelosi said, "What would be the proper adjective, shameful, sad, irresponsible of the president of the United States and the Republicans on the Intelligence committee to take the actions they have?"

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But Barr said that the evidence outlined in Mueller's report 'is not sufficient to establish that the President committed an obstruction-of-justice offence'.

"President Trump should pardon General Mike Flynn".

So here's where we are.

"The president is not going to consider pardons".

Comey's play here-and remember, he's in denial-is to introduce the possibility that evidence "just short of [the] standard" of "established" may well be of some determinative value once revealed, despite that fact that Mueller's remit was to make that exact determination, whether or not the evidence established conspiracy or cooperation between the campaign and Russian Federation. Barr, Rosenstein, and Mueller, it seems, have given the green light to this behavior.

Other Republicans, however, insisted on Congress being able to review it. What if it happens under a Democratic president?

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon told CNN's Anderson Cooper Wednesday night that a special investigation similar to the Church committee in the 1970s is needed to probe the actions of the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency.

Schiff conveniently ignores the implication that if this meeting constitutes collusion, then didn't Clinton's campaign also collude with the Russian government by hiring an ex-British spy to ask for dirt on a rival candidate? He also explained that he's testified before Congressional committees at least five times - and is open to appearing before them more, if needed.

But we're already way too far down this path - there's no turning back now.

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